More convenience

Furniture with well-designed ergonomic functionality make the living room into a wellness zone. Storage space becomes incredible practical and every movement is quiet as a whisper.

Three generations under a single roof – that places special demands on the functionality and ergonomics of your furniture. Inhabitants both small and large should feel equally comfortable in any phase of life, and in every room.

“For our furniture we put a lot of value on comfort and ergonomics. For example, we like to ensure cabinet doors and drawers to move easily and conveniently. And quietly of course – we truly enjoy the quite, high-quality feel of furniture."

Cook ergonomically, eat in comfort: with intelligent planning and implementation, the kitchen can be a convenience zone. All the kitchen equipment is at the perfect working height. Cooking implement and tableware are easy to reach. Supplies are stowed in an orderly fashion and accessible at any time.

  • Lifting column system LegaMove: the wall unit is easily pulled down to an ergonomic height, permitting comfortable access to cabinet contents.

  • Lift fitting ComfortSwing: perfect ergonomics thanks to fold-up dishwasher basket.

  • “I am really happy with our intelligently fitted furniture. So many convenient functions! Our cabinet doors anddrawers are wonderfully ergonomically. They are easy and quite to move … and they open ...

    “I am really happy with our intelligently fitted furniture. So many convenient functions! Our cabinet doors anddrawers are wonderfully ergonomically. They are easy and  quite to move … and they open comfortable and wide. That’s all extremely convenient, even by having individual adjustment functions.“

  • Drawer runner Quadro Compact with Silent System: full access to fresh produce and freezer drawers.

  • ComfortDrive: allows the convenient collection of tableware directly from the dishwasher, with no bending over.

  • Electromechanical opening system Easys: opens refrigerator doors reliably and safely at a push.

  • Hinge K08 with Silent System: for damping refrigerator doors.

Plenty of ideas for the bath: the height-adjustable washstand is ergonomic for every body size. The cross partition for the toilet provides practical storage space. Ergonomically designed, the bath is good for both old and young. Who knows what the future may bring?




  • Power assisted height adjustment LegaDrive: makes your washbasin height-adjustable and makes the bath ready for the whole family.

  • Drawer system AvanTech: the drawer with fine design accents.

  • Friction fitting FricoFlex: tilting mirror for easily styling hair sitting down.

  • Drawer runner Actro 5D: cross partition with extraordinary sliding comfort and integrated storage space. Additional support roller guarantees outstanding load capacity.

  • Adjustable fitting Rastomat with Silent Mode and Easy Stop: fold open stool provides

Exciting design, fascinating functions. This bedroom cabinet opens its entire storage space in just seconds - with just one hand motion, easily and conveniently, for a complete overview and fast access. Different opening functions also ensure convenience in the interior.



  • Sliding door system TopLine L: top running sliding doors for elegant front solutions. Damped in every direction and easy to mount.

  • Folding door system WingLine L: open the entire door set with a single push.

  • Lifting column system LegaMove: the top panel in the cabinet moves easily down for convenient access.

  • Sliding door system TopLine M: attractive design for small-format sliding door cabinets.

  • Drawer runner Quadro for wooden drawers: elegantly concealed under the drawer.