More space

Get the most storage space possible into your house. Make efficient use of the smallest spaces. Make cabinet volume easily accessible. Clever functional solutions will excite anyone who wants more space, because organised accessible spaces increase our feeling of harmony and freedom.

How to create storage space and make efficient use of it. How household equipment can disappear while remaining readily accessible. And how even the kids‘ room stays tidy.

“There‘s always a lot going on in our home. How do we keep things tidy? It‘s simple: clever storage space solutions! We discovered lots of space even in our little house. And we can enjoy our time together without worries.“

Staircases, pitched roofs, niches and corners, often leave a lot of space unused. There is a great potential there to create storage space that you can use efficiently and ergonomically with Hettich fitting technology. It even fits under the roof.


  • Big Org@Tower Wood with Easys. Pencil tray system SmarTray.

  • Organisational system Big Org@Tower Wood with Easys: the Big Org@Tower Wood with electromechanic opening support offers extra storage space under the stairs.

  • Pencil tray system SmarTray: small items are quickly put away in the SmarTray pencil tray system. On request, also lockable.

  • Drawer runner Quadro for wooden drawers. Hinge Sensys. Folding door system WingLine L.

  • Hinge Sensys: for handleless doors, the design award winning Sensys hinge with Push to open function.

  • Drawer runner Quadro for wooden drawers: handleless drawers with Push to open function can be opened at a single push anywhere on the front panel. Optional with synchronization.

  • Folding door system WingLine L: open the entire door set with a single push.

Good structural design and lots of storage space in the utility room are worth their weight in gold. When everything has its place and is readily available, housework is easier and faster than ever: stow dry laundry immediately, find utensils instantly and store even larger pieces of household equipment in a clever way. Simply perfect. And it‘s attractive, too.



  • Drawer runner Quadro: with the optional pull-out stop, the pull-out shelf can be securely fastened.

  • Sliding shelf: dual use for maximally visible storage space. Even large objects like vacuum cleaners and ironing boards have space behind the shelf.

  • Folding door system WingLine L: new ways to provide access to washing machine and dryer.

  • Power assisted height adjustment LegaDrive: fold-up corner for clever storage options makes it possible to use storage space otherwise difficult to access.

A workplace in the living room may be practical, but it can disrupt the comfortable living atmosphere. The solution: the compact office disappears for the evening by converting into a glass cabinet. In the morning, open it up again and the working day can begin.



  • Sensys hinge with adhesive linear mounting plate and special cup for glue mounting: purity in design - thanks to adhesive mounting of the hinges.

  • Lifting column system LegaMove: brings the work surface to the desired height using electric motors.

  • Hinge K08: opens a generous 115 degrees, closes smoothly thanks to Silent System, and moves large or small doors safely and conveniently.

By day, an adventure playground: the kids‘ room. The battle against chaos here has only one true champion ... plenty of storage space! Sliding door cabinets with functional interior decoration, pullout chests and large drawers – all help to bring calm and order back to the playroom.

  • Sliding door system TopLine L: space-saving cabinet with integrated nappy changing table.


  • Organisational system Big Org@Tower Wood: pull-out nappy changing table, visible only when needed.

  • Drawer runner Quadro Big Duplex SynchroAccess: open two drawers at once with a single handle.

  • Sliding door system SlideLine M: smoothly running sliding doors. Operating convenience for the whole family.

  • Drawer system InnoTech Atira: making child‘s play of keeping everything neat and tidy – with practical storage space.

  • Sliding door system SlideLine M: storage space and seat at the same time.